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X Games Spiele

X Games Spiele STEEP - X Games DLC

Sega Gamegear (4) · Nintendo Switch (20) · Sammlerstücke () · Shops in Deiner Nähe · Häufige Fragen · Versand und Lieferung · 18 Jahre Freischaltung​. X-Games, das ist die Kurzform für Extremismus-Games. Das Spiel dient der Extremismus- und Radikalismusprävention. Die Grundidee des Spiels ist, die. eBay Kleinanzeigen: X Games, Video- & PC-Spiele gebraucht kaufen - Jetzt finden XBox One S X Game Pass über Games kostenlos spielen 1 Monat. Drei X-Game- Events. • Sieben klassische Herausforderungen. Um de DLC: zu starten: • Öffne die Bergpanorama-Ansicht • Wechsel zur. Bei der Xbox Game Studios Show im Juli werden Preis, Games und weitere Infos bekanntgegeben. Alle bereits bekannten Infos werden hier.

X Games Spiele

Spiel die ultimative Erweiterung zu Steep. Erlebe die X Games und stiehl allen die Show! Fahre und fliege in einer riesigen Open World in den Alpen und Alaska. Beschreibung. Steep™ erhält mit den X Games™ die nächste große Spielerweiterung. Für die Spieler bedeutet das die Chance, am wohl legendärsten. Sega Gamegear (4) · Nintendo Switch (20) · Sammlerstücke () · Shops in Deiner Nähe · Häufige Fragen · Versand und Lieferung · 18 Jahre Freischaltung​.

The two years following that, the Games were held in Mount Snow, Vermont. This was a first for ESPN.

X Games Asia have been held annually since In May , the X Games held the Global Championships, a special event where five continents competed in 11 disciplines.

In May , ESPN held a bid to select three host cities in addition to Los Angeles, Aspen, and Tignes , France, to form a six-event calendar for the next three years beginning in An event in Sydney , Australia was held in and winter and summer events were also been planned for and in China and a return trip to Norway in Summarized from ESPN.

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Mountain Bike Mountain Bike Slopestyle. Newport, Rhode Island. You can choose to follow the route of trade deals and diplomacy, using natural resources to power your faction, or you can go the route of the warmongering tyrant and build an intergalactic navy capable of destroying anyone who dares defy you.

Each of the six factions has its own unique units, and there's a huge amount of depth to be found in both its turn-based combat and its political agency.

Certain players now also possess Superstar Abilities that reflect their game-changing skills on the field. The new NFL season is due to start at the beginning of September, and that means it must be time for a new Madden.

The annual American football simulator franchise returns with - shock horror - Madden NFL 20, which retains that familiar tactical sports sim with some welcome new features including a replacement for the story mode and some special player abilities.

Face of the Franchise: QB1 isn't a follow-up to the narrative-driven The Longshot series; instead, it's more of a revival of Superstar mode, where you'll guide a created player from the college level to the NFL.

There 10 licensed college franchises featured in the mode so gridiron super-fans will love that extra authenticity.

There's also a new Superstar X-Factor system, which introduces special unique traits for some of the league's biggest and best players.

Whether you play in co-op or solo with the AI, there's still plenty of that familiar Wolfenstein shooter ultraviolence to be had. When Bethesda isn't giving us some of the best RPG experiences outside of The Witcher, it's serving up shooters like no one's business.

We've already had Rage 2, and with DOOM Eternal looming on the horizon, the third full entry in the alt-history Wolfenstein series is ready to unleash its own kind of unique ultraviolence.

Starring the daughters of main hero BJ Blazkowicz, this '80s set tale brings co-op gameplay to the series for the first time. You can either play with a friend or team-up with the AI, offering far more agency when it comes to tackling missions and taking down tougher foes.

Missions are also more open-ended in their design, offering a more Dishonored style approach where tactics involving stealth or all-out gunfights can be utilised.

It's kind of change the series has been crying out for, presenting far more replay value as a result. Yes, you're going to be kicking someone's head off while wearing converse.

It's that kind of game. On the days where Rambo is busy exploding people with a A former Russian merc, our bearded barbarian seemingly knows more ways to kill people than John Wick.

When his old life comes back to ruin his new one among some Shao Lin monks, our boy responds in kind. In other words, it's a top-down brawler where you kill people in increasingly brutal and gory ways.

Tapping into the likes of Loaded, Redeemer: Enhanced Edition simply lets you loose with a variety of murder means.

The Enhanced Edition brings a number of new additions to the blood-soaked table, namely the introduction of local co-op for double the death-dealing.

On top of that, there's a new perk system for enhancing your kill skills and even more ways to to dispatch your foes in the heat of battle.

It's a very uncomplicated game that doesn't ever try to be more than it is, but with a few new features included this is easily the best version of Redeemer yet.

While it does deal with some serious allegory, Sea of Solitude is still a really enjoyable and rewarding game in its own right,. The topic of mental health is no longer taboo for video game developers, with the likes of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and What Remains of Edith Finch offering brave new interpretations of how frail and fragile our minds can be.

Sea of Solitude continues this trend, presenting an action adventure that mixes stealth, platforming and exploration. There's a constant sense of isolation that pervades every part of Sea of Solitude, as you guide Kay - a young woman who awakes on a boat in a dark ocean, her own body now blackened and feathered to a monstrous degree - on a journey to find a bigger boat.

She'll encounter monsters that represent the trauma she's carrying around with her, and while these elements are 'gamified' to make them fit into a traditional interactive experience, none them feel trite or cheap.

New locations and landmarks along the famous Tour de France route have now been included to give it that extra level of immersion.

Sports simulations are quite niche in their own right - even the likes of FIFA and Madden only have dedicated followings in certain regions - but then there are super-niche sims that bring far more obscure sports to life in virtual form.

The Tour de France games have been going for years, and the latest addition brings with it some welcome new changes.

Online competitions have now been introduced with two-to-four-player tournaments available, while more realistic and reactive AI makes solo play much more of a challenge.

Talking of Challenges, this new iteration features special modes such as Descent and Sprint. You can now race through the Le Tour des Flandres one of the oldest races in the pro cycling calendar and enjoy all the major landmarks of the TdF race.

By combining both F1 and F2 into the same package, Codies have created one of the best career modes in racing sims. With the likes of Milestone churning out a racing game every other month, it's often easy to forget there other developers out there still producing motorsport sims worth your time and hard-earned money.

British studio Codemasters is still very much a petrolhead, and it's latest addition to its officially licensed F1 series - F1 - is proof that such a pedigree always shines through.

This year's iteration now includes a full simulation of the F2 championship, which is used to great effect in the redesigned career mode.

With more of a narrative focus than previous years, you'll guide a driver through their early career all the way into F1 stardom, with scripted drama with your long-standing rivals keeping things theatrical on the way.

When paired with an excellent driving model - which will satisfy both hardcore racing sim players and more arcade-focused newbies - F1 proves itself to be something truly special.

If you played Crash Team Racing the first time around on PS1, then you'll find Nitro Fueled is a faithful recreation of that zany racer.

Sane Trilogy having proved such a hit, Activision is back at it again with its 'modern remake of a PS1 classic' formula.

This time it's the turn of Crash Team Racing - one of the few arcade racers to even come close to the majesty of Mario Kart 64 - and its packed with all the old tracks and racers your remember.

Even if you missed it the first time round, you're still in for a treat. With a modern visual makeover, you can power slide around every corner and attempt to claim a podium finish on some of the most ridiculous tracks you've ever played.

You'll get access to both online and local multiplayer, and additional tracks and karts from Crash Nitro Kart.

With the new improved multiplayer options, you can now hold matches where you control the rules as a Race Director. The new entry in the annual MotoGP series has sped into view, and it's bringing with it tons of new content and modes to keep you playing long into and beyond.

The game's AI has been overhauled to make it smarter and more reactive to your race style, while an improved approach to multiplayer - with dedicated servers and a new Race Director mode for overseeing an entire online race - shows Milestone is really pushing itself to enhance the full racing experience.

You can play as every rider from the new season across MotoGP and all the other major two-wheeled pro racing tournaments, as well as over 50 riders from MotoGP's history including more than 35 extra bikes and three additional historical tracks.

With 19 modern tracks, you'll also get to ride in the new MotoE race type. While it's had a few growing pains over the years, ZeniMax Studios' large-scale MMO has gradually been refining itself with two major expansions - Morrowind and Summerset - and now it's time for the latest chunk of content, entitled Elsweyr, to finally leave the clutches of PC exclusivity and make its way to consoles.

And it's bringing with it a raft of additional content. Set in the humid lands of the cat-like Khajiit people, Elsweyr adds in an extra 30 hours of new questlines and gameplay content, which you can undertake alone or with in tandem with other players in your region.

There are plans for new world events, where you'll battle massive dragons and reap considerable rewards, while the introduction of the new necromancer class will bring more unique powers to those that like a spell-based loadout.

A Plague Tale: Innocence isn't afraid to show the bleaker side of life in Medieval France, but it does so by forging Amica and Hugo's bond.

French developer Asobo Studio was previously known for porting licensed tie ins from other studios to further platforms, so no one quite expected it to come along with its own unique IP.

By diving into the history of its own nation, A Plague Tale: Innocence tasks you with guiding in two young children through the war-torn streets and countryside of France in With the Inquisition on their tale at every turn, the duo must work together to evade their pursuers and the hordes of ravenous rats that swarm the countryside.

You'll need to use your wits, stealth, your sling and torches to use your environment - and those rats - to your advantage.

It's an unexpected little adventure, and one well worth your time on Xbox One. If you're still reeling from the abomination that was Sonic the Hedgehog's CGI makeover for his upcoming big screen debut, Sumo Digital has just the pick-me-up.

The big selling point from here is the ability to team up with other racers to create speed co-operative speed boosts or unleash powers that will leave your fellow racers reeling.

You play solo or against other players in online and local races, including local splitscreen multiplayer for some old school couchplay competitions.

You can gradually unlock new powers and augmentations to complement your arsenal of meaty weapons in Rage 2.

The Doom-level loud combat shotgun is particularly lethal. While no one quite expected Bethesda to sign off on a sequel to the disappointing Rage, Rage 2 actually does a great job of shaking off the forgettable nature of its predecessor and embrace a new approach that is all about empowering you with incredible powers and over-the-top weapons.

This new found joy of bloody murder is partnerned with an open-world wasteland, which can be traversed with a series of Mad Max-style vehicles.

Within the wastes you take on gangs and cults, as well as mutants and the game's big bad, the Authority, using your nanite powers and big guns to creatively wipe them out.

Examples of the nanite powers you get access to include the ability to warp distances in a second, fire enemies into the air and even power slam into the ground to turn a crowd of foes into a pool of gore.

Rage 2's pick and mix approach to abilities is reminiscent of Bulletstorm, while the more tongue-in-cheek take on an open-world definitely has a Borderlands vibe about.

As a single-player experience, Rage 2 offers tons of creative ways to unleash hell in shooter form, and the refreshing lack of dour seriousness makes picking it up and immediately having a blast easy and fun.

Final Fantasy XII is considered one of the greatest additions to the age-old JRPG franchise, and fans the world over were jumping for joy when they heard it was getting a remaster of the Japanese update.

However, considering it's been exclusive to PS4 for years, Xbox One and Switch fans have been forced to look on with envy. Well, that exclusivity has come to an end and The Zodiac Age is finally making its way to other platforms.

This updated version of the PS2 classic has an improved character levelling system, a new auto-save feature and an extended soundtrack.

It's the very best version of FFXII, so if you've held off playing it, now is the perfect time to right that wrong.

Most of the monsters you encounter have a real eldritch feel to them, so expect plenty of Lovecraftian vibes.

Fade to Silence has no desire to contain itself to just one genre. It's an amalgam of ideas from all manner of places, and while they don't always gel as well as they should, the result is something that's both immensely challenging and rewarding in its own way.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a bitter eternal winter has descended, you'll play a settler attempting to build and protect a home while gathering resources.

There are all manner of dangers out there in the tundra, but it's the cold itself that's constantly trying to kill you.

Find yourself lost and alone in a blizzard, and much like the original Lost Planet, you'll soon freeze to death. Recruit new follewers to unlock better gear, but lose them and you'll put yourself at risk.

You can even use sleds pulled by wolves to travel a vast and dangerous open-world. Better wrap up warm for this one!

This is a Mortal Kombat game, so expect lots of gruesome Fatalities complete with X-ray vision. Sensitive stomachs need not apply. Mortal Kombat 11 is exactly what you're expecting it to be.

A big, bold and bloody 2. There lots of modes to keep you interested, including a story mode that uses time travel to visit some of the key points in the series' long history, as well as the usual arcade-style towers, an online mode for testing your might against the worlds' best fighters and much more.

It's been a long time since we've had a proper licensed snooker game, but Snooker 19 finally draws that drought to an end. Once upon a time, there was always a snooker game or two out for consoles and PC, but it's actually been almost eight years since the last licensed title from the world of baize.

Snooker 19 aims to make up for that drought with a package chock full of content. Developed by Lab42 a studio previously known for porting some of the recent Yakuza games to PC , Snooker 19 will feature a proper simulated experience, with each player taking to the snooker table with the same style and attributes of their real-life counterparts.

You can play offline against the AI or test your snooker skills online against the world's best players. While the series has gone onto bigger and better things - including the brilliant Assassin's Creed Odyssey from last year - classic entries such as ACIII still have plenty to offer.

Assassin's Creed III Remastered takes the original bloody action-adventure and applies a visual upgrade to textures and lighting and adds in some much needed quality of life features to gameplay.

Much like Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection, this is a must for any fans who missed the games the first time around. Want to see some mechs battle it out?

And try fend them off while you're just a lowly soldier? Then Left Alive is for you. The latest release from Square Enix isn't Kingdom Hearts or Tomb Raider related, instead it's focused on a new IP all about fighting mechs in a war-torn fictional setting.

You'll have three different characters - each playing a different role in the conflict on Nova Slava in - so expect plenty of branching storylines along an extensive story.

Add in plenty of customisation options and a health mix of stealth and third-person shooter gunplay and you're left with an intriguing prospect.

You can swing across chasms and ascend buildings in a split-second, offering a constant sense of heightened movement.

You'll explore open-ended environments full of secrets and shortcuts and battle tough and brutal enemies around every corner, but you'll also do so with a constant sense of offence.

Sword fights are only one by striking a killing blow, so knowing when to move in for the kill is a constant requirement. At the same time, Sekiro feels intrinsically different from its virtual ancestors.

The setting - inspired by the history and myths of Japan - is a world away from DS' medieval fantasy and Bloodborne's Victorian-style horror, and it's alive with shinobi, samurai and monsters galore.

You can scale buildings in seconds, opening up exploration completely, and you can even employ stealth when you need to bypass tougher enemies.

There's even an element of Tenchu there, for those still pining for a current-gen return to Feudal Japan stealth.

Dead or Alive is back. No, not with another volleyball game that's definitely not about volleyball.

This is a proper entry in the main series and its bringing that familiar 3D fighting action to Xbox One.

Unlike Tekken, Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, DOA is all about parrying with a 'rock, paper, scissors' approach full of counters and second-guessing.

DOA6 continues this formula with gusto. The latest mainline entry keeps that aggressive and tactical 1v1 fighting setup, but introduces more chances to escape and break combos.

For less experienced players, this means you'll have more lifelines such as using your Break Gauge special attack bar to avoid an annoying one-sided beating.

There are loads of modes to choose from as well, so if you're looking for a fighter with plenty of content, this is the game for you.

There is a lot of DLC, but most of it is costumes, so don't feel the need to spend loads extra once you've bought a copy.

Dante is back, with his trademark platinum hair, his dual pistols and that classic giant chip on his shoulder.

Capcom continues its run of good form with the revival of DMC proper. You can still chain combs with your guns, swords and magical powers, but now you get to choose from a variety of new characters, including V and his ability to summon shadowy familiars.

By harking back to the basic principles of chaining combos in waves of arcade action, DMC5 recaptures the magic that made the original games to popular.

And with some of the best visuals Capcom has ever produced - which look frankly incredible running on Xbox One X - this is easily one of the best games on Xbox right now.

While 's Trials Fusion was a well-received entry in the series, it lacked the spark that had made the previous entry - Trials Evolution - so beloved with fans.

Dial the clock forwards to and the franchise is back, doing away with the futuristic aesthetic and tapping back into the silly extreme sports magic that made the earlier games so popular.

From the endless creativity of its tracks, to the gradual gradient of its difficulty spikes, there's just so much to enjoy here.

You also get access to a vast tutorial mode making this a great jumping on point for new players, support for local and online races as well as access to the comprehensive Track Editor so you can build and share your own devilish creations with the rest of the Trials community.

Guns-For-Hire return, with a few familiar faces jumping back into the action to join you on your adventures in Hope County.

Serving as a sequel of sorts to Far Cry 5, you'll return to Montana in the wake of an apocalypse where nature has begun to reclaim the land.

The result is a colourful new take on familiar locales, complete with all the pretty pink flowers you could ask for. By stripping away some of the systems that bogged FC5 down such as the bounty system that saw you endlessly hunted down , New Dawn offers a smaller yet more refined experience.

You can now capture outposts and use fuel to upgrade your base, or strip it down outright then lose it to the new enemy faction, The Highwaymen.

You can then retake it for even more fuel - if you're willing to endure a tougher fight. From crafting to companions, it's an ideal jumping on point for any new potential fans.

Anthem sees developer Bioware combining its expertise with MMOs and single-player RPG worlds to create something that's both new and instantly familiar.

Flying your javelin is about the closest thing you can get to being Iron Man right now in game form, and nothing beats boosting into battle before unleashing the power of your Ultimate attack.

There are four suits to choose from, countless customisation options and an engaging story to unravel. Crackdown 3 isn't quite the game it was sold as when first announced, but it's still a fun playground to explore.

Crackdown 3 seemed like it would be stuck in development hell forever, plagued with delays and problems since its initial reveal five years ago.

But the wait is finally over, and while its cloud-based destruction physics aren't quite as revolutionary as we'd been promised they're also only for the multiplayer Wrecking Zone mode it's still quite something to destroy entire buildings at will.

The campaign can be played solo or in co-op, with all the usual hallmarks of the Crackdown franchise.

You'll level up your agility, marksmanship and driving skills by jumping, shooting and driving through anything that moves.

It's no great leap for the series, but it's a super-powered playground that's a riot to explore and destroy. While previous Metro games have been heavily confined to the claustrophobic ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow and its underground metro system, in Metro Exodus the player breaks free from these confines and proceeds to head out across Russia aboard a militarised train called the Aurora.

Despite the new expansive setting, which looks simply gorgeous on the 4A Engine, the soul of what made the first two Metro games good - so, the RPG elements and detailed micro-actions that are necessary to survive, such as maintaining and upgrading your weapons, changing the filter on your gas mask, and using the day and night cycle to your advantage - remain very firmly in-tact.

Gun play also feels pleasingly deadly, with weapons packing real punch and a realistic sense of potential very immediate death, while the world and narrative is strong for a FPS, which once more is indebted to Dmitry Glukhovsky's original novels.

One of the best Xbox games released so far in and the best Metro game released to date, too.

Yes, you'll even get to visit Winnie the Boy and gang along with many other Disney-owned properties. It's been a long time since the last proper instalment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

In fact, some other series have come and gone in their entirety while we've waited for Sora and co to return to our consoles of choice.

Well, the wait is finally over - and while Kingdom Hearts 3 offers a story as convoluted as its predecessors, it balances it out with some of the largest and most rewarding locales yet.

We weren't sure if this third entry could live up to the magic of KH2, but those extra years in development have done this adventure the world of good.

This updated version of Resident Evil 2 will also feature three brand new stories featuring three survivors from Raccoon City.

Having found a return to form with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard two years ago, Capcom's long-running survival horror series continues that trend with a full remake of the seminal classic, Resident Evil 2.

Over 20 years on, this version sees Raccoon City and its zombie infestation completely rebuilt in a new engine with all the lighting, particle effect and camera angle improvements those two decades provide.

Capcom has managed to retain the sense of dread that made the original so popular, while adding in enough improvements to help shake off the handful of issues that haven't aged well.

With lots of DLC - including that released at the time an some brand new stories - this is a must for anyone who likes a strong dose of fear with their gaming exploits.

The Complete Edition of The Council comes with all four of the current episodes. The final instalment will arrive in March.

With a visual aesthetic not too dissimilar to Arkane's Dishonored series, The Council: Complete Edition is an episodic interactive mystery experience where you'll meet such characters as George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte and more.

You can choose between different classes, each with their own balance of charisma, perception and dialogue skills.

Each one will help you solve the mystery of The Council in multiple ways, with multiple branching paths depending on your decisions.

A slow burner, but one for fans of games that take their time to unfold. It's been almost 12 years since the last numbered instalment in the Ace Combat series although many consider spin-off Assault Horizon to be a proper entry , but while the franchise has been busy with portable and free-to-play instalments, it's finally ready to make its debut on current-gen hardware.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown includes the simulation style flight controls from the previous games, while including arcade controls better suited to new players.

There's a full campaign of dogfighting antics, as well as support for multiplayer will deathmatches and a battle royale mode.

That's right, battle royale in the sky with fighter planes. First-person survival horror games are nothing new on Xbox One - just see Resident Evil 7 and Outlast for proof of that - but Hello Neighbor brings a new take on the genre with a greater focus on stealth, puzzle solving and some neat twists where reality and dreams seemingly collide.

With its cartoonish aesthetic and almost child-like quality, Hello Neighbor builds tension as you sneak into the home of one Mr Wilson to uncover a secret in his basement.

Just hope he doesn't find you while you're there What Remains of Edith Finch is an engrossing experience, but one that will pull your heartstrings in ways you won't expect.

Xbox One already has quite a few 'walking simulators' to its name, but to simply classify What Remains of Edith Finch as such would be doing this incredibly unique video game a true disservice.

As the titular character, you'll explore your family home and uncover the truth behind a curse that's seemingly caused every other member of your bloodline to die in unusual ways.

The storytelling techniques and mechanics are so deftly weaved together that you won't even see the tragic revelations coming.

It's not a particularly long game, but it's one that will stay with you long after you've finished it.

Below can be pretty hardcore in its difficulty, but don't let that put you off this must-play indie.

While Microsoft's ID Xbox indie development program hasn't spawned a title to rival the success of Cuphead the biggest indie hits have been on Switch and on PC , it did help usher in one of latest and most anticipated independently-made games of the year: Below.

This action-adventure roguelike that uses a charming use of light and darkness in its visuals with a brutal but ultimately fair approach to exploration and combat.

Death is permanent, but learn the beats of its mechanics and Below yields a top-down survival experience that manages to breath new life into a progressively stale genre.

The split-screen co-op gameplay creates one of the most engaging and tense ways to play locally with a friend. Co-op play is often added in as a second or third thought these days, but not for A Way Out.

Coming from a team that previously worked on Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons over at Starbreeze, this engaging tale is all about two convicts who escape from prison and must go on the run and evade capture.

You play online or locally, with the screen splitting every time one player leaves the side of the other.

Puzzles and obstacles can be overcome by working together with a big focus on stealth and tense chases. It's unlike anything else released recently and is well-worth a play.

With an art style similar to Absolver, the world of Ashen is brought to life with a captivating aesthetic. As this feature can attest, recently there have been some truly amazing triple-A releases, but there's also been plenty of smaller titles that are just as deserving of your time, money and attention.

Ashen is one, and it brings a different spin on the age-old medieval RPG formula. It takes that familiar Souls combat model - with light attacks, heavy attacks and a stamina metre - but removes the need to explore linear environments and instead presents more open locales where the course of your journey is up to you.

You can recruit NPC companions, much like Dragon's Dogma, but you'll occasionally meet other players. Question is, will they form an alliance or attempt to kill you?

The new Demolition Derby expansion brings stock car destruction to an already over-stuffed racing package.

Such is the wave of high-quality games we've had this year that some games that would've shined in less packed years have been lost in the sheer wealth of incoming titles.

One of those games is The Crew 2 and it's definitely worth a play, especially if you love arcade racing games.

Embracing Ubisoft's love of content-filled open-worlds, you can race sports cars, muscle cars, off-road vehicles, stunt planes, speed boats and so much more.

It's a bright, vibrant and empowering experience, and it's just a new Demolition Derby expansion so there's even more to do! Don't sleep on this one this Xmas!

You don't have to have played the first two Darksiders games to enjoy the third, but it helps, from a story perspective at least.

Despite the implosion of developer THQ and the closure of developer Vigil, the Darksiders franchise has risen from the grave in the care of Gunfire Games a new studio featuring some of the original devs from Vigil.

The third chapter focuses on a new Horseman, the rage-filled Fury, who is sent to Earth to uncover the true reason for the premature Apocalypse.

While it lacks the loot system introduced in the second game, there's an improved combat system, multiple element-inspired powers to find and plenty of the over-the-top bosses the franchise has become so well known for.

It's been four years since Rico Rodriguez brought untold destruction to his homeland of Midici in the name of rebellion, and now he's back in Just Cause 4.

Exchanging the sun-baked regions of the Mediterranean for a South American state gripped by a nefarious peace-keeping force, his mission is much the same: use his grappling hook and a never-ending supply of guns and explosives.

Developer Avalanche has improved performance considerably this time around, and with new dynamic storms with hyper-destructive twisters that annihilate anything in their path as well as serving as a quick way to wingsuit across the map , it's a non-stop blast.

The Elder Scrolls Online helped take the fantasy RPG world of Tamriel from single-player adventure into a fully-fledged online experience and now Bethesda is doing the same for the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout.

Fallout 76 is an MMORPG massively multiplayer online role-playing game so you'll be exploring the game's irradiated world with servers full of other players.

You can build your own Power Armour, team up with other players to form a squad and even use the VATS targeting system although it's now been tweaked to support an online experience so if you're a Fallout fan, this will be a faithful recreation of the world you love.

If you're a fan of stealth games such as the Metal Gear series or Assassin's Creed, Hitman 2 is the creative kill suite for you.

The latest instalment in IO Interactive's long-running assassination simulator series is finally here, offering up some of the biggest open environments yet.

Each one is littered with unique opportunities to take out your target from afar, in disguise and always with incredible creativity.

Unlike the original game, which chose an episodic nature in order to help spread out development, all six locations which includes immersive and systemic locales including New Zealand and Miami are all available from the start and present some of Hitman's most ambitious projects yet.

Every level, character and boss from the original trilogy has been faithfully recreated for the Reignited Trilogy. Toys For Bob, one of the developers who oversaw the once mighty Skylanders franchise which was originally based around Spyro himself when it first launched in has taken the purple dragon back to his platforming roots.

In fact, it's gone as far as to remake the entire original Insomniac Games trilogy, rebuilding every level, boss and enemy from the original Spyro the Dragon, Gateway to Glimmer and Year of the Dragon for this year's Spyro Reginited Trilogy.

If you loved the games back in the '90s, this will be a trip down gaming memory lane. However, if you've ever wondered what Spyro did before the short-lived days of toys-to-life, this is your perfect way in.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best Xbox One games to play today, receiving perfect scores across the board. A series of perfect scores doesn't really do justice to the brilliant achievement that is Red Dead Redemption 2, which manages to deliver not only the most graphically stunning open-world made to date, but also a remarkably immersive Wild West simulator packed with interesting and, on the whole, well written stories and characters.

There's also a crazy amount of systems and sub-content to get stuck into in Red Dead Redemption 2, which if anything have the excellent ability to distract from the game's main narrative.

While these can at first seem daunting, with the game constantly introducing new things for you to do and control, when you fully get bedded in and take mastery of them, they just help expand your appreciation of a title that feels almost surreal in its scope.

Forza Horizon 4 is easily one of Xbox One's best games, offering a slick balance between arcade and simulation racing. While Sony has been having an incredible year for exclusives, Microsoft is finally showing its own trump cards with the release of Forza Horizon 4.

The open-world racer continues to balance arcade fun with precision mechanics, filling its sandbox version of the United Kingdom with challenges, races, collectables and set-piece events to keep you coming back for more.

With a huge roster of cars to unlock and customise - and a dynamic set of seasons that drastically alter the environment and driving conditions.

Looking for one of the best Xbox One games you can buy? Look no further than Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The long-running FPS franchise has received some big changes and they've helped breath new life into this veteran online shooter.

Multiplayer now has an increased focus on team-play think Overwatch, only less restrictive , while the new Blackout mode brings Battle Royale to the series for the very first time, complete with CoD's slick gunplay mechanics.

It looks great running on a vanilla Xbox One, but break out Xbox One X and a decent 4K TV and you'll be treated to one of the franchise's best looking entries yet.

Following on from last year's Assassin's Creed Origins - which offered a blistering return to form for the long-running open-world series - was never going to be an easy task, but Ubisoft Quebec has stepped up to the plate and delivered one of the most ambitious entries in the series yet.

With plenty of naval combat and all the assassinations you could want, Assassin's Creed is back on Xbox One. You can explore multiple worlds and rocket into space - all in real-time - with the power of your Xbox One console.

While every other toys-to-life series has either been cancelled or placed into an indefinite hiatus, Ubisoft has decided to go against the grain with Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

At its core, it's an open-galaxy dogfighting game where you'll battle pirates while flying through asteroid fields and explore planets full of robots, monsters and allies.

Each toy ship straps to the front of you controller thanks to an easy-to-fit grip, and you can customise the wings and weapons your ship currently uses by clipping them onto your real-life toy.

You can buy new ships and weapons, or simply access everything via the Digital Edition. Madden NFL 19 is for you.

The introduction of Real Player Motion which gives certain athletes the same physical mannerisms and behaviour traits of their real-life counterparts brings a little more realism to on-field play, but it's the new one-cut offensive moves that transform running backs and wide-receivers.

The Longshot narrative-driven mode is a little underwhelming, but MUT continues to be one of the best versions in all of EA's annual sports titles.

Gaming icon Lara Croft is back in what's billed as the final instalment in the origin trilogy started by the reboot. While the story takes a very bleak turn for the most part and Lara remains something of an undeveloped character , Shadow of the Tomb Raider makes up for it with combat that's been refocused around hunting and stealth and some of the biggest and most elaborate environment's the series has ever boasted.

Sprinkle in some big tombs and crypts to explore and all manner of outfits to craft and you've got an action-adventure hit you need to own right now.

The suitably-named Undead Labs is back with another round of zombie-slaying exclusivity on Xbox, bringing together that familiar mix of resource gathering, base-building and good fashioned horror survival.

Far Cry 5 is the craziest and darkest entry in the series yet, but that doesn't stop it from being one of Xbox One's best shooters.

The latest Far Cry trades tropical jungles and snow-swept mountains for rolling fields and valleys of Montana, where a cult of drug-fuelled religious radicals have taken an entire chunk of the state hostage.

Add in the map-building potential of Far Cry Arcade and all manner of live events, and this package is an easy sell for shooter fans.

Hellblade is a game like no other, and now that it's on Xbox One, you can experience Senua's story in true 4K glory.

Originally released on PS4 and Windows 10 in , the recent acquisition of British studio Ninja Theory by Microsoft sees its latest award-winning title finally makes its way to Xbox One.

Inspired by Norse and Celtic mythology, the guide the titular heroine as she fights her way through a fantastical realm filled with all manner of dark and deadly entities.

It also serves as a metaphor for her descent into psychosis, her mental health blurring the line between real foes and those conjured by her mind.

Minecraft comes to Xbox One with more content than ever, making it one of the console's most important games. Get it now!

Being able to throw Bruce Lee and Conor McGregor in the same ring together and watch them both punch, kick and throw each other to the ground is a treat for fans of the series.

The graphical fidelity of the game is incredibly surreal and will surely be mistaken for a real match from a distance.

Character models are detailed down to the colour ink of a player's tattoo. You can even see spills of blood gush from a fighter after receiving a fist to the face.

The game also includes a lengthly story mode that provides a number of choices that help to shape your character as you take them on the path to becoming a UFC champion.

Want a fighting game that's as crazy and colourful as the anime that inspired it? Dragon Ball FighterZ is the ultimate renaissance for the series created almost 30 years ago by Akira Toriyama.

The pedigree of fighting game developer Arc System Works alone is reason enough for fans of the genre to pick this title up while the story mode serves as an awesome 10 hour plus episode for Dragon Ball Z lovers.

The hectic three versus three gameplay is reminiscent of Marvel vs. Capcom but includes a dense multiplayer suite and arcade mode to keep players coming back to dish out more intricate and deadly combos.

The game shows off the unique cast of characters that graced the show and will surely serve as an introductory point to an entirely new generation.

Last year's Assassin's Creed is still a riot to play, and a return to form for the series that shines on Xbox One. The world of Egypt looks best on Xbox One X too with every pyramid, grain of sand and character model utilising the added horsepower of the mid-generation behemoth.

The campaign throws you into the boots of Ronald Daniels who lacks the health-regenerating ability of previous protagonists — instead he relies on scavenging health packs from fallen Nazis and handouts from his squad to keep him alive.

The game visits signature moments in the war such as D-Day but covers them in their most detailed coat of paint yet.

It once again pulls off the impossible task of humanising B. Blazkowicz, an age-old character that is fleshed out through the hour campaign.

Despite throwing the player into an incredibly desperate world, the game consistently has you grinning thanks to its hugely satisfying combat system.

The new cast of characters are more memorable than ever and play a pivotal role in a story that veers in unexpected directions.

Whereas the previous game was hamstrung by its adherence to last generation consoles, The New Colossus has no such problems with textures, character models and cutscenes looking excellent.

The third piece of DLC, The Diaries of Agent Silent Death, was released on January 30 and tells the tale of Jessica Valiant as she slides, crawls and stabs her way through an army of Nazis to avenge the death of the man she loved most.

The tweaks made by EA post-lunch ensures that anyone can attain all heroes in multiplayer without having to spend an extra penny.

The Forza series is the genie lantern that keeps on granting car enthusiasts their wishes. Forza Motorsport 7 was pitched as the showcase example of what the Xbox One X is capable of and it delivers on every front.

The title is its very own car collect-a-thon, too, with over models ready to skid, downshift and collide with your Drivatar rival. Motorsport 7 is proof that Turn 10 Studios have truly shoved Gran Turismo off the first-place podium.

What do you get when you throw players into a huge map and force them to gather supplies while also hunting each other down?

You get PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The only caveat to all of this is that the game can be a janky mess at the best of times.

However, developer Bluehole has put the battle royale genre on the map and is insurmountably popular for a reason — PUBG shows the player how unforgiving and incredibly addictive it is in a matter of seconds.

Grab the game and get a bunch of your friends together and wave goodbye to hundreds of hours. Gameplay is king in Cuphead and has been nailed perfectly —dying is an expectation, but it rarely causes frustration.

Instead, the game serves death as a means to learn from your mistakes and understand each boss battle and platforming sequence better.

Want one of the best-looking fighting games ever made? Injustice 2 has the looks, and it has Batman. Injustice 2 is one of the few fighting games ever made that simultaneously gets genre enthusiasts and causal players drooling.

The title intricately weaves deep and satisfying fighting mechanics with insane super moves and stage transitions that makes anyone who picks up a controller feel unstoppable.

Characters and levels look photo-realistic and the sound design is unparalleled. With its microtransactions completely removed, Middle-earth: Shadow of War is more accessible than ever.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War shows that the non-canon game in the world of J.

X Games Spiele And Lotto.De Erfahrungen bringing with it a raft of additional content. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a bitter eternal winter has descended, read more play a settler attempting to build and protect a home while gathering resources. The latest FIFA is here, bringing with it new changes to gameplay, and brand new modes that promise a hark back to the good old days of FIFA Street and its many imitators. The Longshot narrative-driven mode is a little underwhelming, Gat GrevesmГјhlen MUT continues to be one of the best versions in all of EA's annual sports titles. MXGP Milestone aims for another holeshot. Real Snow Gun play also feels pleasingly deadly, with weapons packing real check this out and a realistic sense of potential very immediate death, while the world and narrative is strong for a FPS, which once Holland Casino Breda is indebted to Dmitry Glukhovsky's original novels. Es geht um den Sieg … Gat GrevesmГјhlen die Show! Bitte melden Sie sich an, um mit zu diskutieren. Mehr Anzeigen. Ubisoft Store-Vorteile :. Collector's Link Collector Here. Insgesamt sind 8 Sportarten im Spiel erlebbar. Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte an moderator augsburger-allgemeine. Angebot unterliegt Beschränkungen. In den Bergen gibt es eine Fülle von Aktivitäten, bei denen sich die Spieler unter Beweis stellen können, um schlussendlich auch die schwierigsten Herausforderungen zu meistern. In den warenkorb. Dann wird höchstwahrscheinlich auch der Preis bekannt. Wir setzen daher Cookies und andere Tracking-Technologien ein. Zum Login. Im Wettkampf mit anderen Spielern this web page man sich so seinen Weg an die Spitze.

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Spectators are in awe as Tony Hawk unexpectedly drops in on an apartment complex to tear are Lottoland Com SeriГ¶s opinion the empty pool. Players control a skier The MyCareer story mode doesn't quite Gat GrevesmГјhlen up to the hype, but it's still an enjoyable take on a player's rise to the NBA. Released Platform Windows 3. MXGP Milestone aims visit web page another holeshot. And while BL3 does feature a fair few changes and enhancements, if you've played any of the previous entries, you'll know exactly what you're getting when you boot this up for the first time. These adult games are ideal for an adult person to have some fun during their free time. Used under license from ESPN Enterprises, Inc. X Games is a trademark of ESPN, Inc. Einzelheiten. Genre: Sport. Mehr für STEEP. Sieh dir weitere Spiele und. Spiel die ultimative Erweiterung zu Steep. Erlebe die X Games und stiehl allen die Show! Fahre und fliege in einer riesigen Open World in den Alpen und Alaska. Jetzt erhältlich. Caretaker Game, PulseTenseGames, a enhanced logo, a 4k logo​, N/A, Jetzt erhältlich. Beschreibung. Steep™ erhält mit den X Games™ die nächste große Spielerweiterung. Für die Spieler bedeutet das die Chance, am wohl legendärsten. The official X Games Aspen mobile app. Welcome to the biggest winter party featuring the world's best action sports competition, music and festival experience​! Bitte melden Sie sich an, um mit zu diskutieren. Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte an moderator augsburger-allgemeine. Das könnte Sie auch interessieren. Medien Medien. Spanish - Spain. Für die Visit web page bedeutet das die Chance, am wohl legendärsten Freestyle-Event des Https:// teilzunehmen. Mehr Anzeigen. X Games Spiele

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Infos zur Hardware der neuen Konsole gibt es aber schon jetzt. Bei jeder Abfahrt und jedem Flug wird ein Replay aufgezeichnet, das die Spieler ansehen und bearbeiten können. Hier der Überblick:. Finde deine liebsten Helden hier im offiziellen Ubisoft Store. Damit lassen sich Himmel und Schluchten in den Alpen und in Alaska mit Höchstgeschwindigkeit erobern. In den Bergen gibt es eine Fülle von Aktivitäten, bei denen sich die Spieler unter Beweis stellen können, um schlussendlich auch die schwierigsten Herausforderungen zu meistern. Alle unterstützten Sprachen anzeigen.

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